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Finally! A honest, fast, and reliable mechanic shop. Ive been to 5 different shops this month, and none of them have been able to fix the transmission issues on my truck. These guys were able to have it fixed and running like perfect in under 5 days. Also, they were the cheapest price by $600! Thank you Aamco Transmissions for everything!

Fred J.

May, 2016 Local

I recently had transmission trouble with my 2007 Honda Fit. The dealership looked it over and said it needed a new transmission and gave me an estimate of $5300. I brought it here instead and was back on the road with a $300 repair. The crew stayed on Xmas eve to complete the job and get me back on the road for the holidays. So far it's running great. I can't thank them enough!

Ginger H.

January, 2015 Local

I recently serviced my car at AAMCO Transmissions on Tyco Rd in Vienna. The service by itself was outstanding. I was quoted half the price of the dealer, although the parts were purchased from the dealer. People were very courteous, and my car is running perfect. I strongly recommend AAMCO on Tyco Road in Vienna



I took my 2000 subaru to these guys after a great shop I use for regular repairs was at a loss as to a sound in my rear when I turned. They believed I would need to purchase a used transmission ($1400.00 to $1800.00). As you really need trans guys to evaluate transmission, I took it to this shop as I trusted them. After a couple of days of testing and diagnostics they determined it was the rear 4 wheel drive gear and not the transmission. I needed transmission service anyway so they replaced my trans fluid, filters cleaned or replace and put an additive in. No more problem and it costs me about $252.00. How's that.

Paul M.